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2W A+ Life Solar battery maintainer

2w A+ Life
2w A+ Life

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The A+ Life 130mA charger is a 2W solar powered vehicle  battery maintainer that will trickle charge a 12V battery. Ideal for lawn mowers,  motorbikes and other small vehicles.

Please note, as with all solar vehicle chargers, to charge via the cigarette lighter socket, the socket must be live when the ignition is switched off. If this is not the case you can still use the charger by connecting directly to the battery with the crocodile clips provided.

(Please note, these panels have replaced the DZ  brand).
Manufacterers instructions recommend using a charge controller with this product, however we are of the opinion

that for 99% of the time a charge controller is not necessary. An exception to this maybe where a vechicle is left permanently

connected for say more than two months. If any doubt please phone us.

This panel is not mean't to be used near the sea, where the salty sea moisture can corrode the panel.

    * Light, small size.

    * Weatherproof.

    * Easy to install.

    * LED Indicator.

    * Built in DC cable for waterproofness.

    * Connects in seconds via the cigarette lighter socket or crocodile clips.

    * Built-in discharge protection.

    * Rated at 2.0W ([email protected]).

    * Measures 205 x 170 x 14mm; weighs 0.48kg.

    * Triple Junction Amorphouss Technology which compensates for natural discharge of your battery.


  • ****2 watt solar panel

    By Jose Hosta on 30th Nov -0001 of: 2W A+ Life Solar battery maintainer

    Brilliant little panel. I been looking for a small compact solar panel to charge my mobile while i camping and this panel is working great for me.

    Will definitely tell my friends about this panel and select solar gadgets.

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