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Below are a selection of our customer's testimonials for this and our sister site.  

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  •  Excellent!  We love your product. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Sep 22 2018

  •  Excellent product and service. I am taking the light to my pad in spain and may buy more. Regards GB (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Sep 14 2018

  •  The service provided by Select Solar has been excellent throughout this project.  From the design aspect Colin was a delight to work with. Select Solar ran this project very professionally throughout with professionalism and attention to detail. Thank you very very much Select Solar.   

    Aug 2 2018

  •  I was absolutely amazed at the speed with which they arrived!!. Exceedingly efficient (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Aug 4 2018

  •  good. web site easy and fun - carry on with solar products and i try to promote any thing thay saves us using precious resources (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Aug 4 2018

  •  I found the way that my specific technical enquiry was dealt with very professionally and in a manner that cut out the "salesman jargon"  Colin gave me the service that I tottally understood and did not feel pressurised into buying Select Solars products even though I did purchase from them.   Would use Select solar everytime for anything in the Eco-Friendly world. Thank you Colin.  I had a technical enquiry that was dealt with by Colin over the telephone.  Very professional service and answered in terms that I could understand. 

    Oct 18 2018

  •  "We have recently had solar panels installed by Select Solar Ltd and have been very pleased all round. We did have concerns about the appearance on the front of our home but using all black panels and a very neat install, they look fantastic! They are working really well and we were blessed with a lovely summer too! The immersion device sends surplus power to our hot water tank so we use nearly all the solar power we generate. With the online monitoring provided we can see just how much we are saving - and it has made a real impact on our bills. Thank you Colin and his team for a professional service. Highly recommended!"   

    Jul 25 2019

  •  V. good (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Jul 23 2017

  •  Prompt service and a good product at a resonable price. (Safebuy Independent feedback). 

    Jun 28 2018

  •  Excellent, I do appreciate all your support and help since I have begun to use you guys – you completely outstrip my other suppliers in all aspects! Many Thanks  Ace Solar Power 

    Jan 6 2017

  •  The firm I had used previously to order the same item could learn a lot from your selves, thanks for a pleasant experience. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    May 29 2018

  •  As you do solar items, that i like the look of, better than another web site more to offer! (Safebuy independent feedback) 

    May 29 2014

  •  It was a good experience and the item arrived four hours after I was informed that it had been dispatched now that's good even for the Royal Mail unless of course there was a delay in sending out the Dispatched notification email. All in all more than pleased with the buying experience and also with the informative email telling me that the item was back in stock and offering to put one aside, thank you, there are lots of companies that would learn a lot from yourselves. (Safebuy independent feedback) 

    May 16 2015

  •  Very pleased overall! Nice if the post/packing price could be reduced though!! (Safebuy independent feedback). Select Solar response: We agree but sadly the p&p prices are as low as we can get them. 

    May 6 2017

  •  Product exactly as stated & delivery next day, excellent (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    May 8 2015

  •  Good quality product; easy to navigate website; order received swiftly. Many thanks. (Safebuy independent feedback) 

    Apr 18 2013

  •  Goods are as described. Updates on deliveryto keep me informed wereuseful. Good firm to deal with (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Mar 15 2014

  •   Great. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Feb 26 2013

  •  Apart from a problem paying with paypal the experience was trouble free.  The staff are great and very helpful. (Safebuy independent feedback). SelectSolar Response: A couple of our customers reported an issue with Paypal not showing the order value until you logged in, which was a bit of a worry for them. We've just had this fixed. Thank you for letting us know. 

    Feb 13 2019

  •  Brilliant service Thank you  Courier a bit slow in delivering but Select Solar Service No.1 (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Mrs D Jones Jan 22 2017

  •  quick and efficiant service would recommed them to anybody (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Jan 19 2019

  •   satisfied (Safebuy independent feedback) 

    Jan 14 2017

  •  excellent service and after sales support (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Jan 9 2017

  •  Like your website (Safebuy independent feedback) 

    Jan 3 2017

  •  Quick & efficient. Follow up & resolving issues excellent. Great to do business with! (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Jan 2 2017

  •  Very quick delivery. 

    Dec 17 2016

  •  Buying a solar powered system for your home right now is a no-brainer. Besides saving money in the long term, I feel good about using renewable energy. Colin made our choice so easy and he never once tried to sell us a system that would cost a fortune and  bits we really did not need.  Clear and understandable and everything that suited OUR needs. 

    June 19 2017

  •  Julia Davidson  30 Jan2017 Most cost effective quote. Install is of high quality and they were good to work with. I recommend them if you are considering putting solar at your home. Would you recommend this installer to others? Yes   

    30 Jan 2017

  •   Good web experience. good to have a site that you don't feel you have to whatch what you do because things are hidden such as charges. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    July 25 2017

  •    8.4 kW grid-tied PV – Romford Essex ]   My wife and I chose Select Solar, to install a photovoltaic (PV) system after lengthy research and talking to other solar installers. What impressed us first was how easy it was to talk with Colin Howe and how knowledgeable he was with the current state of the solar industry. We had two requirements in reducing our electrical cost; find a way to reduce our daily demand and then create supplemental power that we would use in our house and feed back to the local electric grid.   Colin did a thorough electric evaluation of our house and how we live. He suggested that we first change out our halogen floods to light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. This change reduced our lighting wattage by 80% in our most used rooms and the bulbs will last more than 10 years. These bulbs not only drastically reduced the heating load where used, they also made it possible to decrease the number of solar panels to reach our goal of cutting our electric bill by nearly 50%.   Together we researched many options for the PV installation, including placement (roof or ground), manufacturer, warranties and the ecological impact during production of the PV panels, plus the converting of the direct current (DC) from the panels to alternating current (AC). Colin gave us many options and was very patient with our decision making process.   After we made our decisions, Colin  handled all the details, including the FIT’s paperwork  . We never felt that anything was overlooked. The installation went very smooth and we are now enjoying producing our own electricity and reducing our carbon footprint.   We highly recommend Select Solar to all our neighbours and friends. Thank you Colin and his team and Select Solar.   Yours sincerly,  Melissa and Dwight     

    Nov 19 2016

  •  I was delighted with how easy it was to shop and the order arrived the next day.I would certainly reccomend it to friends as a very reliable trustwothy seller. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Nov 16 2016

  •  The item we requested was not in stock but an easy exchange of e-mails got us a very acceptable alternative which was delivered promptly (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Nov 5 2018

  •  I would certainly recommend select solar as a very reliable retailer.My purchase came the next day! I was very surprised and happy as I was looking forward to seeing my purchase.Easy to order and no problems whatsoever.100% happy. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Nov 4 2018

  •  very good customer services .i was kept up to date what was going on with my order as part of it was out of stock. the rest of it was delivered and arrived sooner then i thought.the website is very easy to use with lots of interesting products to buy. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Oct 31 2018

  •  All was simple; clear, easy and efficient...(Safebuy independent feedback) 

    Oct 15 2018

  •  The goods I bought are very good and I am very happy with them and the helpful people I spoke to at Select Solar Gadgets. I will be happy to order from them when there is anything I need. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Sep 13 2018

  •  The product was advertised as a solar battery charger and on that basis I ordered it.On arrival I found that the solar panel was missing so I phoned the company only to be told that it no longer supplied.As a result of this misleading information I will not be using the company again. (Safebuy independent feedback). SelectSolarGadgets Response: First of all, we have offered the customer a full refund for his troubles. The item in question is the battery charger made by iSun. "iSun battery charger" at a quick glance might be interpreted as "solar battery charger", but unfortunately it isn't. It charges from the mains or car battery. It can also work with a solar panel if you have one (none included) and we do mention this in the product description.  We also recommend solar panels which would work with this charger. (We no longer supply the iSun solar panel which the customer is referring to). We've amended the product details to make all this much more clear. 

    Aug 24 2012

  •  very good product, very nice people, many thanx andy, stockport (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Aug 24 2017

  •  Very good and very pleased with the product. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Aug 13 2012

  •  Great service. 

    KR, Germany

  •  Very easy to place an order, and the delivery was very fast. The solar hats had the fans tucked into the cap, and had to be assembled onto the motor, which came as a surprise, but was extremely easy to do. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Aug 7 2015

  •  Extraordinary short delivery time - I have never experienced this short delivery time from Far East before. (Safebuy independent feedback). 

    Aug 9 2018

  •  So far we are very happy with the panel. Just using it for first time in not very good weather conditions but it is charging the battery! We did ask for a longer lead and it was promised but arrived with standard length. Also stand is a bit flimsy but overall very pleased both with product and service. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). Select Solar Response: We are investigating what happened to the longer leads! 

    Jul 31 2018

  •  Practical, fun, sometimes wacky. These products are a favourite amongst customers would use again and again.  Excellent service 

    Outdoor GB

  •  very good. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Jul 28 2018

  •  Delievery charges appear a little steep, but the delivery was received the day after I ordered the item, so I cannot complain! I ordered a pack of 3 solar caps, and one was slightly off sync, but it was easy enough to unscrew the fan and realign it with the seam of the baseball cap. Overall, I'm really impressed. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). SelectSolarGadgets response: Unfortunately we had to increase our delivery charges because Royal Mail increased theirs (and we kept our increase as low as possible). 

    Jul 25 2017

  •  straightforward. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Jul 25 2018

  •  Once I managed to speak to the sales person ( who was busy with other business calls) I got first class service with the sales person stretching herself to help me, very happy with the help. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Jul 10 2018

  •  Received replacement this morning. Thanks for the efficient way that you dealt with this problem. If this panel does it's job properly I may well be placing another order shortly. Regards V Shelton 

    V Shelton July 03

  •  I had to contact you by email and was pleased to hear back in a very timely fashion. It was a personal response and not a standard email or automatic reply. I was given all the assistance I required and was left with a feeling that I was a person and not just an order number to you. I have no problems recommending you highly. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Jun 26 2022

  •    Many thanks for your excellent service. The package was delivered in record time from the UK it arrived at our local taverna in the 22nd. All installed and working perfectly. Kind regards, Paul  

    June 24 2019

  •  Sxcellent and just what i wanted. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Jun 23 2019

  •    I just wanted to let you know that my father is absolutely tickled with his solar cooling cap and is itching to use it in the garden.  In fact, I think my mother is coveting it too.  Thanks for your assistance and the refund offer, but I think we'll keep it!  I look forward to making some Christmas present purchases later in the year.  Thanks again. Alyson M 

    June 18 2018

  •  Overall the buying experience was excellent. Initially I bought the wrong product though it was easy to get in touch and to get further advice on the  best item for me.  There was no  problem replacing the item and I have recommended  Select solar since and I would return to them in the future as well. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Jun 2 2018

  •  Very good. Site gives good detail of product. I was impressed when I received the items. In fact they were better than I expected even though all dimensions had been given on the website. The information on the website really helped me to choose the items from Select Solar. I would definitely use them again. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Jun 1 2018

  •  Very good. Site gives good detail of product. I was impressed when I received the items. In fact they were better than I expected even though all dimensions had been given on the website. The information on the website really helped me to choose the items from Select Solar. I would definitely use them again. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Jun 1 2019

  •  I ordered quite late on Thursday evening and it arrived very early (!) on Saturday morning. Excellent service all round thank you very much best that I have had from online shopping 

    May 30 2019

  •  Excellent service and item was exactly as described.  (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    May 14 2019

  •  Very impressed with the service apart from not having expected the goods to be sent in two seperate deliveries. The solar panel kit itself arrived swiftly and we were able to take it away with us and put it to use without it's stand which arrived within the week in our absence. Time will tell if the quality of the merchandise is as superb as the service. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    May 14 2018

  •  Very helpful people. Will definitely trade with them again. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    May 9 2022

  •  Had to phone up with a quetion about the item, they phoned me back giving me the details I required. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    May 3 2019

  •  Very satistactory service!  (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Apr 29 2019

  •  Excellent. I had to return the product as it wasn't the right one for my needs. colin (personal contact rather than anonymous email EXCELLENT) replied immediately, answered my questions, accepted the returned item and recommended alternatives which I have since ordered. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    April 24 2021

  •  SERIOUS, QUICKLY, PERFECT ! (Safebuy Independent Feedback - We don't make this up! Click through the Safebuy link to check) 

    April 24 2019

  •  Very helpful and knowledgeable company. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Apr 24 2019

  •  Excellent in all respects. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Apr 19 2018

  •    Thank you so much for your help It is a pleasure to deal with such an organized company If I have problems I may be phoning for advice!! I Marsh 

    Apr 23 2016

  •  The only website where I could find the products I needed avoiding ordering from US. Very quick delivery. One postage fee for all items, althoght one of them has been delivered separately. Good prices. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Apr 18 2021

  •  Efficient prompt service. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Apr 16 2019

  •  Couldn't believe how soon it came and the person I bought it for (birthday present) really liked it - he's got solar panels on his house and farm buildings and 27 full sized wind turbines on his farm so it was quite appropriate! (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Apr 06, 2022

  •  good service (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Apr 02, 2019

  •  Great product, excellent packaging and very speedy delivery, many thanks. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Jan 14, 2022

  •  It was difficult to find info about delivery times on the website. Overall the service I received was excellent. Products were delivered very quickly. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Dec 08, 2018

  •  Unbelieveably fast delivery. Very happy with the items. Would use again without hesitation. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Dec 10, 2018

  •  Product is working well and was easy to install. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Nov 22 2016

  •  Having bought from you before I was very happy to do it again.Great service. (Safebuy Independent Feedback). 

    Nov 26 2018

  •  Very good, promt delivery and well packed. 

    Nov 16 2016

  •  Very good could not be better. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Sep 30, 2021

  •  "We have recently had solar panels installed by Select Solar Ltd and have been very pleased all round. We did have concerns about the appearance on the front of our home but using all black panels and a very neat install, they look fantastic! They are working really well and we were blessed with a lovely summer too! The immersion device sends surplus power to our hot water tank so we use nearly all the solar power we generate. With the online monitoring provided we can see just how much we are saving - and it has made a real impact on our bills. Thank you Colin and his team for a professional service. Highly recommended!"   

    Simon, London, UK

  •  The website showing the product looked good. There was plenty of information on the site. ordering the product was easy and they kept me informed with an email after I placed the order and one shortly after goods were dispatched. Overall I am extremely happy with the entire process of purchasing my PowerFilmSolar USB+AA solar charger. Very impressive service. Well done! (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Jul 7 2018

  •  Excellent service! I wanted to get the same brand charge regulator to match my solar panel, rather than mess around. I was able to get the exact part I needed, and it was complete plug 'n' play :) Delivery was fast, too! Highly recommended! (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Jun 29 2021

  •  "The work you carried out inside and outside was excellent. It was a pleasant experience for us. You all had consideration for us and our property."   Many Thanks to you all.

    Feb 22 2022

  •  "We have been very pleased with the service that we have received from Select Solar. One of the deciding factors for us choosing Select Solar as our preferred supplier was that they provided us with jargon-free advice and guidance on the right installation for our needs. We were filled with confidence by their knowledge, expertise and desire to find a package that met all our requirements. They clearly communicated all the various stages to us and patiently guided us through the process in a polite and considerate manner. All the commitments which were made to us at the start have been fulfilled with the installation work being completed on time. The after-care service has also been excellent ensuring that the necessary paperwork with the utility company was completed so we were not left in the lurch. We would highly recommend Select Solar to anyone wanting to install solar panels – they are an efficient, professional and knowledgeable organisation dedicated to finding the right solution for their customer." 

    Jan 22 2019

  •  Good with very quick delivery.will log your site to use again. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Jan 12 2022

  •  Very satisfied with the service -both website and phone conversation with knowledgeable and pleasant staff. (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    May 5 2019

  •  Very pleased, my order was placed over the bank holiday and goods arrived so quickly.  I am very pleased with my order              Thank you Select Solar I will shop with you again! (Safebuy Independent Feedback) 

    Jan 4 2021

  •  Cheers for the speedy service. 

    FS, Edinburgh, UK

  •  Thanks very much for your efficient service. 

    DS, London, UK

  •  Again, thank you for the excellent service received. 

    EG, Canada

  •  We are very impressed with your efficient, prompt and friendly service and will not hesitate to recommend you. 

    PS, Stevenage, UK

  •  With two of your [Powerfilm rollable] panels stuck to the roof, we set off round the world in 2008. Restart journey 27 Feb,shipping to USA N & South then Australia, South East Asia and hope to take the Chinese by surprise some time in 2012/13 and yes your panels are still giving good service, have just re stuck them, this time with Silicone mastic, should be good for a few more years/miles. 

    Bill and Penny Howe, the Aging Overlanders

  •  Thanks to Select Solar I am pretty much self sufficient now. The sun is free and I am using it to my best advantage. I still have my generator for emergencies, should they arise; but it is simply not used anymore. This just remains me to thank SelectSolar for providing a great solution to my carp fishing solar needs. You're highly recommended. 

    Jake Langley-Hobbs, fishing in France

  •  I bought the radio for my son in law and he thinks that it is 'brilliant' and so I am buying him the headphones for Xmas. 

    Dee Hughes, Harrogate

  •  thanks so much for your promt delivery of these delightful toys! every arrieved safely 2 days ago, very well packaged, all in good shape, ready for under the christmas tree! - Happy holliday season & best wishes from 

    Witta K. Jensen, Roskilde, Denmark

  •  thanks for the detailed instructions... I was really impressed with your knowledge and care… 

    Mark Edgecombe

  •  Had a great chat with Colin at SelectSolar today. Learning a lot about solar solutions and meeting some great people to boot! 

    Carolyn - New Farm Holidays

  •  Great product and service. Would use you again excellent service.

    april 28 2019

  •  Excellent Service. 

    Apr 28 2019

  •  Very quick and efficient with a well designed website so it was easy to find what I wanted.

    Mar 28 2019

  •  Thank you so much for your help and friendly advise Colin. Found dealing with you a pleasure, and have past on your info to another prospective buyer.

    Mar 28 2017

  •  When I enquired re a product, I was given expert advice and directed quickly and efficiently to the product to suit my needs. Order put in on line and VERY swiftly despatched within a few moments. Would highly recommend Select Solar  - thanks to Colin and his friendly staff. 

    april 16 2019

  •  Thank you Colin.  I had a technical enquiry that was dealt with by Colin over the telephone.  Very professional service and answered in terms that I could understand. 

    april16 2017

  •  Thank  you Colin. Fantastic service given. Ordered products and were with me in a couple of days as promised. I would recommend Select Solar to anyone looking for off grid solar products. 

    March 6 2019

  •  Once again come up trumps Thank you. Have used Select Solar Gadgets several times before and I have always had a remarkable service from them.  Will use again next time I need that very special gift for someone. 

    april 09 2019

  •  Very straight forward and good value well designed eco-friendly products. 

    Feb 17 2019

  •  Thank you Colin for your helpfulness on telephone.  Telephoned for enquiry on solar panel and was told the truth and not a lot of jargon. 

    TS London

  •  Looked on Select Solar Gadets website today and was pleasantly suprised by the amount of Eco Friendly products they are now offering to what they were a few years ago.  Well done Select Solar  and Keep up the great products       

    Eco Friendly Products

  •  My Owl Arrived on time, good packaging, item as described by seller. Very pleased, looks good in my garden both day and night. Goes well with my other lights as I wanted . Would recomend both light and seller Thank you 

    Christine Ann Leek

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