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Electric Car Pump


Please phone us for prices on 01793 752032.

Electric Car Pump 2

Mennekes AMTRON® charging points are designed and built to be compatible with all leading motor manufacturers’ EVs and their communication protocols including all types and modes of charging.

Charging Power
3.7 kW (16A) & 7.4kW (32A) single phase together with 22 kW (32A three phase) versions are available.

Models have simple button access or via a keyswitch or RFID card.

The MENNEKES system (Type 2 - IEC 62196) is defined as the standard Europe wide. Starting in 2017, new electric vehicles will only be offered with this system. Until this point in time, new electric vehicles will also be available on the market with a different system (Type 1 - J772). Therefore check to determine which plug and socket system your electric vehicles has.

Variants with a fixed charging cable and plug.
To charge electric vehicles that are equipped with either the Type 1 or the Type 2 system without the need to use a separate charging cable.
Includes 7.5m cable. Modern and functional design, intelligently integrates practical and convenient cable suspension and storage, eliminating the usual cable clutter.

Variants with a socket instead of a fixed charging cable.
Used with a separate charging cables to charge electric vehicles that are equipped with either the Type 1 or Type 2 system.
This gives you maximum flexibility.


Electric Car Pump

For use with Extra and Premium versions. Your smartphone or your tablet can Allows control of a AMTRON® home charging station using smartphone or tablet and gives a complete overview. Shows the vehicle's state of charge, operating status of the wallbox, overall power consumption and associated electricity costs incurred. Can be integrated in a network with cable (ethernet) or wireless (wifi). 

Smart Home Energy Management
Premium and Extra versions include a Home Energy Manager function that operates in conjunction with the SMA Sunny Home Manager. This enables the optimisation of energy costs and self consumption of solar generated electricity allowing control of charge at what time and with surplus generation.

Energy meter
Energy consumption can be read directly on the charging station or remotely for models with the MENNEKES Charge APP via a smartphone or tablet,so information can be used for energy statistics

Key switch.

The easiest form of access control for the AMTRON® home charging stations. Keyholders can switch to set continuous or single sessions and shut off.

RFID cards
Up to 100 users can share access to one or multiple AMTRON® home charging stations via individual RFID cards. The charge cards are read in directly on the device. In addition, the list of users can be conveniently managed via the MENNEKES Charge APP. (Premium only).



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  •  Very helpful people. Will definitely trade with them again. 

    May 9 2019

  •  Most cost effective quote. Install is of high quality and they were good to work with. I recommend them if you are considering putting solar at your home. 

    30 Jan 2017

  •  Very quick delivery. 

    Dec 17 2016

  •  Colin Just to pass on my thanks, unit works superbly for my needs, doubling time between engine starts for charging. Advice and product are great, thank you. 

    James Trembath 4x4Adventures Ltd

  •  We have been very pleased with the service that we have received from Select Solar. One of the deciding factors for us choosing Select Solar as our preferred supplier was that they provided us with jargon-free advice and guidance on the right installation for our needs. We were filled with confidence by their knowledge, expertise and desire to find a package that met all our requirements. 

    Jan 22 2019

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