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Eco Pulse fitted shower head in Chrome

shower head chrome fittedClick to enlarge product image
shower head chrome fitted
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  • 02001PE02
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Award-Winning delivery system

Pure Pulse:

• No limescale

Pure Pulse offers a revolutionary lifetime guarantee against limescale clogging.

• Award-Winning Design.

"Most innovative Water Saving Product" 2010/ 2011

(Green Hospitality).

• A healthier, more hygienic shower

An independent Case Study by the Questor Research Centre in January 2012 found competing

eco shower heads had 238 times more limescale and 13.5 times more bacteria compared to Pure

Pulse after only an 8 week trial in a hardwater area.

• Save water and energy

Pure Pulse achieves the temperature and powerful flow of traditional shower heads with only 40-60% of

the water by simply creating tiny gaps between droplets.

• Two years Manufacturer’s Warranty.

How does it work ?

Pure Pulse emits an undetectable pulse from one central chamber, maximising the pleasurable effect of showering while reducing water consumption by 40-60%. Pure Pulse provides a choice of soft large drops, rainfall, an invigorating sport jet or a soothing massage.


Suitable for all shower systems including most electric showers. (Only systems with very low pressure are unlikely to

reach the required level of 0.5bar.)

• No Spray Plate

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