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iSun Portable Solar Charger - shop soiled

iSun Portable Solar ChargerClick to enlarge product image
iSun Portable Solar Charger
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The iSun Portable Solar Charger provides power on the move for small portable electronic devices such as your mobile phone, walkie talkie, PDA and handheld electronic games. 

As well as all the necessary leads & connectors that you'd expect from a mobile phone charger, there are two suction cups provided so that you can fix the Portable Solar Charger to the window to get the most of the sunlight when indoors.

    * dimensions: 185 x 112 x 30mm when closed; 185 x 208 x 28mm when fully opened.
    * Weighs 295g
    * provides 12v or 6V DC output for items such as mp3 and minidisc players, digital cameras and electronic games
    * can be connected to another iSun PSC to double your charging power
    * rated at 2.2W
    * portable

Made by iSun / ICP.


Just one left, shop soiled.

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