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HUBi AC Charger Adaptor

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  • £43.00 inc. VAT

  • 03004ST222
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  Name Code Colour Price UK Del.  
  Hubi 2K Lighting & power system 03004ST01 £144.98 £6.25 Buy Now
  Hubi 10K Lighting & power system 03004ST02 £240.00 £6.25 Buy Now
  Hubi 10K Expansion Pack 03004ST03 £139.98 £6.25 Buy Now
  Hubi Solar Panel 5m Extension Cable 03004ST04 £7.99 £6.25 Buy Now
  20wp Expansion Solar Panel Inc Connection cables 03004ST05 £79.00 £6.25 Buy Now
  Lumi splitter cable connect 2 Lumi to one socket 03004ST07 £7.99 £6.25 Buy Now
  12v 16w 2 speed fan 23cm blade 03004ST08 £45.00 £6.25 Buy Now
  Hubi Universal laptop charger 03004ST09 £45.00 £6.25 Buy Now
  HUBi Macbook Charger Apple compatable 03004ST111 Hubi Laptop charger £109.88 £6.25 Buy Now
  HUBi AC Charger Adaptor 03004ST222 AC mains charger £43.00 £6.25 Buy Now
  Hubi Hub wall bracket in black 03004ST333 Black wall bracket £27.96 £6.25 Buy Now

HUBi AC Charger Adaptor for times when the sun don't shine.

If you own the Hubi 2K or 10K  solar Power Systems the AC Mains Charger allows you to fully charge the unit before you go away.   This AC charger can be used on either the 2k or 10k models.

Going away on your camping holiday but you still have to keep in contact with the office or keep up to date with your emails then the Hubi AC charger is the ideal adaptor for your Hubi system whether you have the 2 or 10k. Also perfect for heavy use where you're able to recharge the battery from mains.

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