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5 Watt, 12V MR16 LED Bulb - Wide Beam Angle

5w bulb led
5w bulb led
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These MR16 LED bulbs are standard sized and energy saving (by up to 90%!)  You can swap out your existing 12V halogen MR16s when they fail and straight away begin cutting down on your power usage (and your carbon footprint).
Key features:
  • Replacement for a 60w bulb
  • Power Consumption (wattage) 5w
  • Input 12 volts
  • Average life 50,000 hours !
  • Size 50mm (diameter) x 55mm
  • wide angle beam (60 degrees
  • colour: cool, warm white light
With the small spend up front you can recover the cost within 6 months of fitting the bulb. From then on you'll be saving the same amount of money every 6 months for as long as the bulb lasts. (It has an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours, which is more than 5 and a half years*).
Interesting piece of info - according to Wikipedia, MR stands for Multifaceted Reflector, and 16 is the diameter in that many eighths of an inch. Apparently this type of lamp was first sold in 1965 (although probably not with the 24 high power LEDs that we have today).
*Calculation based on a purchase of 10 x 4 Watt GU10's used for 6 hours per day using a UK electricity rate of 13.7p kWh.
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