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Sunjet 150 solar fountain pump

Sunjet 150 solar fountain pumpClick to enlarge product image
Sunjet 150 solar fountain pump

This solar powered fountain will provide the gentle sound of splashing water while the water jets sparkle in the sunlight.

The pump comes with suckers, so you can fit it out of site at the bottom of a shallow pond.  Alternatively you can float it in deeper water. 

The fountain will also work in an ornamental container or barrel, so you can design your own water feature. 

The cable is 3m long which gives you more choice when choosing a location.

• Solar powered mini water pump – no running costs, just direct sunlight
• Use your own ornamental container or place the fountain in the pond.
• Pump has suckers for underwater fixing or use with float in deeper water
• Supplied with a separate solar panel & cable
• 10 ft : 3 m cable to solar panel provides location flexibility
• The low voltage pump includes a filter and will circulate/oxygenate the water
• Supplied with 3 different heads to vary the fountain effect
• Maximum fountain height up to 14” : 35cm (jet fountain head)

Technical Specification
• Solar Panel: Voltage 6 V Power 0.8 W
• Pump: Voltage 4-12 V Flow Rate 180 l/h
• Cable Length: 3m, 10ft
• Boxed Weight: 0.5kg

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