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Solar Mate Secure Professional+

SolarMate Secure Professional+ Kit contentsClick to enlarge product image
SolarMate Secure Professional+ Kit contents
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The Solar Mate Secure Professional+ is the supreme PIR security light. Developed for high activity areas such as, public walkways, driveways and active footsteps. The capable 2.5watt solar panel is able to perform during British winters and heavy rain, to ensure the lighting that you need is there. The Professional+ packs a large LED unit of 45 highly efficient LEDs, able to outclass older halogen lights with brightness and efficiency. The mounting system is designed to be installed within minutes, allowing for wall mounts, ground mounts and cable connections at the ready.

The professional+ is a standalone product and provides movement activated security lighting at the same level as mains lighting, best suited for lighting areas without mains supply nearby. However it is still very effective within mains areas due to the quick installation time and no need to bring cables to it.

The working operation of the Sola rMate Secure Professional is to charge the internal battery pack, within the light unit, by using the provided powerful solar panel during the day and then use the battery power during night time to provide security lighting. The bright LEDs are capable of lighting up to 100sq metres away from each light unit, allowing for large area coverage with only a few lights.

The contained PIR unit is adjustable to either time or sensitivity, the time range is from 10 seconds all the way up to 70 seconds per movement activation. The panel and light unit are connected using the provided 4.5m cable, which allows for optimum placement of both.

Full fitting instructions and wall fixings are included. Ground mounting is an option, however is not supplied with this kit.

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