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Solar Mate Arena Light

Solar Mate Arena Light - KitClick to enlarge product image
Solar Mate Arena Light - Kit
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Solar Mate Arena Light

The Solar Mate Arena Light has up to 1000 lumens of brightness for your disposal. This self-powered flood lighting system has a high efficiency solar cell and internal lithium battery pack to ensure that it can light wherever you need for long periods of time. It is equipped with two different modes to suit your requirements:

Motion Sensed Activation – during dusk hours the arena light will produce light at 50 lumens which serves as ambient lighting, when motion is detection within the 8m radius the light is increased up to 500 lumens which is capable of lighting an area of 150 square meters. The sensor will turn off when the motion is no longer detected or after a 30 second period, the arena light will return to the dusk setting afterwards.

Set Time Activation – with the remote that is provided you can activate the light at 500 lumens for a constant hour or two. Two hours is the maximum, however it can be reactivated if needed for additional hours. Another feature on the remote is the ability to set the lumens up to 1000 if required, this enables the arena light to cover 200 square meters.

To light an area of 40m x 20m we have found that you only require 6 of our arena lights, which requires little effort to install and will be effective for football games and horse exercising for example.

Fitting is supplied with 2 options, flat surface mounting (wall or fence etc) or pole mounting (clamps provided to fit a standard scaffolding pole, OD 48.3mm).

We provide a 2 year warranty for the Solar Mate Arena Light.


  • 6 watt premium solar cell
  • 30 high power white LED’s and PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) contained within the lighting unit
  • Three different lumen settings, 50/500/1000
  • Remote control supplied
  • 2 different timer settings and a PIR mode
  • Rechargeable battery pack supplied
  • Wall and Pole fixings included


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