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  • 3 Watt MR16 LED Spotlight - Cool White - 25W Replacement

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3 Watt MR16 LED Spotlight - Cool White - 25W Replacement

3 Watt MR16 LED Spotlight - 25W Replacement
3 Watt MR16 LED Spotlight - 25W Replacement
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Consume up to 90% less power

LUMiLife MR16 bulbs provide an outstanding life time expectation of up to 25,000 hours (approx. 3 years of continuous operation). With traditional halogen/incandescent lighting, 80% of the electricity is lost through heat. LED lighting run significantly cooler as heat is dissipated by metal sinks that take heat away from the light source – this maintains the lifespan of the LED bulb.

Easy to replace

All our bulbs have been designed to directly replace your old halogens, unless it’s otherwise stated otherwise. It truly is as easy as changing a lightbulb!

What about my existing transformer?

The minimum load requirement of the existing halogen transformer may not be met by the lower load of the LED MR16 lamps. Therefore we suggest upgrading the transformers to LED compatible types, which have a lower minimum load. The transformer you need depends on how many bulbs you want it to power timesed by the wattage. It’s also advised the total wattage of all bulbs combined doesn’t exceed 80% of the transformer’s wattage.

5 year warranty

All LUMiLife LED products come with a standard 2-year warranty. With our LUMiLife products you can extend your warranty cover to five years by completing and returning our extended warranty form.

SKU MR16-3W-36
Cool White 250 (Lumens)
Colour Cool White
Beam Angle 36
Power Consumption (W) 3
Input Power 12V
Replacement 25W
Average Life in Hrs 25000
Dimmable (Option) No
Kelvin 2700
Warranty 5 Year


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