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Lightcup Solar Powered Water Bottle & LED Lamp

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  • The Lightcup™ Great for child's bedside light + also for their night time drink
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Going Camping, a day out Rock climbing in the mountains or want an eco-friendly lamp to introduce your children to solar powered lights.  Well, Select Solar  has come up trumps just for you.  A water bottle that doubles up as a solar powered lamp so your drink through the day is also your light/lamp for the evening.

  • The LightCup™ is a water bottle that doubles up as a solar powered light/lamp.
  • The LightCup™ has no wires so can be positioned anywhere outside and, is also safe to use all over the home.
  • Is suitable to be used around children and animals as there is no flame or smoke.  
  • The LightCup™ water bottle has 3 bright white LED lights under the lid that shines out even if the LightCup™ has water in it.  
  • The LED light is recharged by solar energy during the day through the solar panel which forms part of the lid.
  • The LightCup ™can be suspended by using the strong handle that keeps the Lid and bottle together so no chance of ever losing the lid.                                                                                                               
  • Has 2 types of light that are operated by an off/on button on lid, A white LED light that can be used as a reading lamp at night and the other being a red light which flashes so can be used as an alarm.

The Light cup is the ideal light to be used in 3rd world countries such as Africa and Asia, as it is lit up by a small solar panel in the cup’s lid.

The Light cup can be used for 2 useful functions It would hold water for a drink throughout the day and then at night it doubles up as a light so would get rid of the kerosene light and make it easier and more healthy for the children and the rest of their family to either do their homework or at least be able have a light within the home that they could sit around and talk to each other.

Technical data

  • Size: 19x8cm
  • Cubage: 600ml
  • Weight: 179g
  • Materials: Cup made of imported AS resin, lid made of thermoplastic ABS resin
  • Tough polycarbonate does not absorb flavours
  • LED: 3 super bright white LEDs and 3 red warning lights
  • Amorphous solar panel 5.5V 12m
  • Battery: 3.6V8-mANiMH
  • Switch: self-lock switch in three steps
    1) white light
    2) red warning flashing light
    3) off
  • Waterproof.
  • Not to be used for food or dairy products.
  • Charged in the sun for 8 hours it can work for 3.5-4 hours
  • When using the LightCup as a reading lamp, there must be some water in the cup to balance.
  • The red light can flash with an alarm function.

The Lightcup™ water bottle makes a great present for the devoted adventurer or for introducing your  children to an eco-friendly solar powered light.

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