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Curtain Xmas Lights

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Curtain Xmas Lights


Curtain Lights are the perfect solution to instantly light up a large area this Christmas. Streams of lights hang down giving you lines of multi-coloured light. Each set has 8 lines containing 8 multi-coloured stars.

Hanging them from your window means both you and people outside can enjoy the colour and Christmas cheer you’ve added. You could place these down your stair banister with each stand wrapped around a different spindle, brightening up a room such as a hallway that could usually get forgotten. Our curtain lights can instantly transform a plain wall into a bright, colourful setting. Due to the amount of strands and light you get per curtain you could even use them as a divider within a room, creating a barrier of light.

These lights are excellent to just bring instant colour to any room in your home.

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