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24 LED Sign Light


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This is one of our typical LED sign lights that we offer but still a popular choice for more sheltered locations. Fitted with 24 LED'S and made in plastic there are no parts to rust. The solar panel can be attached to the lamp unit or installed at a distance away. This basic solar powered sign light has 24 LED light bulbs that provide 192 lumens (equal to 30 watts of regular incandescent lighting).

It is capable of illuminating typically from dusk to dawn, in ideal conditions. The light fitting has an on/off switch, when in the on position the light automatically activates at dusk and turns off when discharged or when the sun rises. The solar panel can be attached directly to the lamp case, or it can be mounted up to 3 metres away making it possible to be used indoors or outdoors but is best suited to sheltered locations. The battery is contained inside the product. This light fitting can light up a sign up to about 2 metres x 2 metres. This light fitting and solar panel can be quickly and easily installed. It can be wall mounted or ground mounted (supplied with a ground spike kit for optional use).



Ideal for lighting up small sized signs and notice boards etc. Perfect for use where electricity is unavailable or where it would be too difficult to provide electric power or too cost prohibitive.

Technical Specifications


24 super bright Cree® LED’s providing 192 lumens (equal to approx. 30 watts of incandescent light).
Operates typically from dusk to dawn, in ideal conditions.
May be suitable for illuminating a sign up to approximately 2 metres x 2 metres.
Best suited to sheltered locations.

Black coloured finish.
Colour of light output is white.
Lampshade conatins 24 super bright white LED's.
The lampshade section has djustable tilt/swivel for accurate aiming.
Lampshade section is fitted to a compact body.
On/off mode switch on main body.
Built-in photocell for automatic night time operation.
All plastic ABS construction, no parts to rust. I.P. rating 22.
Light fitting dimensions (main body) approx. 19cm x 9cm x 6cm (LxWxH) and lamp head approx. 14cm x 9cm x 6cm (LxWxD).

Integral high capacity 6 volt 4 A/hr sealed lead acid rechargeable battery (replaceable).
Normal operating range is -20 deg. C to + 60 deg. C.

Solar Panel
High quality 4 watt solar panel (attaches to the main body or can be easily detached and located elsewhere).
The solar panel can be separated up to 3 metres away with cable supplied.
Solar panel dimensions approx. 33cm x 18cm x 2cm (LxWxD).

Easy to install almost anywhere.
Can be wall or ground mounted.
Detachable ground spike kit is included for up-lighting.
The pair of metal ground spikes that are supplied are approximately 18 cm long.

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