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Fuel-Cell SUV Kit

suv kit
suv kit


     - The drive unit with 5 other magnesium plate (approximately 20 hours of operation) can be ordered separately.
     - A magnesium-air battery, in conjunction with salt water for the power supply of the vehicle. Salt water is
converted into electrical energy.           

     - A fascinating experiment - not only for children.
     - The possibility of the classical hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell drive is  here with the innovative salt-water  drive!

Summer THE SEA! - FIRST FOUR WHEEL DRIVE FULL ecological in the world - a thought to the smallest detail model where cylinders, pistons, crankshaft appear visibly in motion. There can be two to three drops of salt water repeatedly put up to 5 minutes in motion. All moving parts are visible through the transparent-blue plastic. The four-wheel power of the 8-cylinder V-engine is enchanting. "He works his way through any terrain with". It fascinates and inspires all ages. Especially broad-wheel tires approx 50 mm diameter

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