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Solar Cooker


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The Solar Cooker

Building this solar cooker is as easy as 123 even for raring to go children as the prepared pieces are quickly assembled with nuts and bolts and rubber rings. (Some Adult supervision is necessary for young children).

After the cooker is built and you have placed it in a suitable place for it to catch the sun’s rays it is fascinating how efficient the highly reflecting parabolic mirror proves to be.

The solar cooker is not only for learning but, can teach your children from start building  the cooker to how it’s reflecting parabolic mirror works as solar in the sun’s rays  to finish when they could make you a cup of coffee, boil an egg or warm up some soup for their lunch.

How delighted will your child feel when they have actually built the solar cooker themselves and then provided you with a hot drink.


Prepared pieces from coloured MDF-sheets, with alignment system

High reflecting mirrored plastic

black aluminium tin with lid, holder

star grip nut, screws, nuts, and washers

Clear and complete instructions for the construction and use of the cooker.

Solar Cooker Recipe

Alphabet soup


A small hand full of alphabet spaghetti noodles,

A Stock cube (Flavour of your choice)

 2 Cups of water 

Cooking Instructions

Mix up the stock cube with the water

Pour the flavoured stock cube mixture into the solar cooker tin and screw the lid on and place the tin in the solar cooker and leave this in the sun. When the mixture seems to be good and warmed up you can add the noodles, use a cloth or oven glove to handle the tin with extreme care as this is now hot. After 18 minutes the noodles should be cooked and you can enjoy your soup.

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