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iSun BatPak Battery Charger

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  • £14.99 inc. VAT

  • 08004IC01
  • Solar panel not included with this item
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Not only will the BattPak quickly charge rechargeable AA and AAA batteries (NiMH and Ni-Cd) from AC (mains) & DC, but it can also be used as a power source for small electronics. 

DC power sources to power the BattPak can be, for example, the 12V output from a car battery, or car cigarette lighter socket, or even a solar panel. Please note that this item does NOT include a solar panel and definitely does not include a car!  (You will need to provide these items separately).

The Battpak charges between 2 and 10 batteries.

  • Charge AA & AAA batteries anywhere!
  • Charge 10 batteries in as little as 4 hours from mains (based on 700mA NiCad battery)
  • Charge up to 6 batteries in 5 hours from 12V DC or solar input (you will need a separate solar panel)
  • Use as a power source for your portable electronics via the 12V output socket
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Dimensions: 197 x 70 x 32mm, 200g
  • 2 year warranty

IMPORTANT NOTE: To power this charger from solar you will need a separate solar panel with a DC plug  We suggest one of these panels:


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