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solar powered oxygenator pump

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solar powered oxygenator pump
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A high performance solar powered oxygenator for your medium or large garden pond.  The air pump uses sunlight to run the aerator, keep the pond water oxygenated when you need it.


  • This air pump can be used in ponds with up to 5000 litres. (That means small & medium sized ponds).
  • 2 air-stones with 6.5ft : 2m long tubes
  • If there are no oxygenating plants in your pond then this is just what you need
  • Provides more oxygenation in hotter, sunnier conditions when it is needed most
  • There are no operating costs as the pump is powered by a solar panel (included)
  • Simple to set up as there's with no wiring except the 3m/10ft cable from the solar panel
  • Air flow rate 180 l/h

Technical Specification:

  • Solar Panel: Voltage 6 V Power 2 W
  • Pump: Voltage 4-12 V Flow Rate 180 I/h
  • Boxed Weight: 1.5kg
  • Panel with groundspike:  30cm high
  • Pump: 16.5cm x 10.2 cm


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