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Air Powered Engine Car Kit

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Air Powered Engine Car Kit

Air is all around us, it’s unlimited in supply and costs totally nothing, so why not use it as a power source? That’s what this Air Powered Engine Car has taken on-board and put into action in the coolest and most inventive way.

The perfect gift for those who love to invent and build, this self-assembly kit comes complete with all the parts and components to build from scratch including a pressure meter and hydraulic pistons! Follow the easy to read step-by-step instructions to construct this futuristic and environmentally friendly Air Powered Engine Car.

Able to travel distances of up to 50 metres on one tank of air, the use of a pump system fills the tank full of free power using the car itself as a two part pump. The introduction of a pressure meter and safety valve ensure the tank is filled to a safe amount and released only when activated by the user.

This kit contains all the necessary components needed to construct this product but will need the following to complete construction;

  • Diagonal Cutter
  • Cross-head Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Scissors

Enjoy hours’ worth of scientific and inventive enjoyment as you take this invention from components to race track whilst learning about the use of air for fuel and the mechanics behind it. The perfect gift for boy, teenager or man who loves technology and inventing.

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