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The Journal For The Society of Garden Designers

It's always nice to know how the professionals incorporate garden features into their designs.  

The August 2011 issue of the Journal for The Society of Garden Designers talks about using solar lighting, such as the Murano & Turino Globe Lights (which you can find on this website).  

We haven't seen a copy of The Journal yet - apparently it is packed with contributions from experts in the field (in the garden?) as well as students & critics and it contains all the good stuff you'd expect to find in a garden designer's magazine.  August's issue of the Journal is summarised on the Journal website.

According to their main website, The Society of Garden Designers is the only professional association for garden designers in the UK.

Considering the price of three introductory issues (£5) of The Journal, compared to what's available in the newsagents, I'll be asking the boss to sign us up!  

We've also asked for a copy of the feature, Let There Be Light, which starts on page 31. When we find out more, we'll let you know.

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