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Flexcell Sunpack 14W rollable

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The Sunpack is a lightweight, compact and rollable solar charger for portable electronic devices such as mobile & satellite phones, PDA�s, GPS�, MP3 players and digital cameras.

The Sunpack is the most portable of all the Flexcell products. Easy plug & play via the universal cigarette lighter adapter.  There is a built-in blocking diode to protect against reverse draining of current. 

The Sunpack is weatherproof, but it must not remain for an extended period of time in the rain. 

The Sunpack solar panel requires practically no maintenance. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth or with a mild soap solution to clean the panel. 

The Sunpack Sunpack is fitted with both male and female cigarette lighter adaptors. Connect your own battery & electronics using a 12V cigarette lighter adaptor


iPads need a charging current higher than standard USB (5V, 500mA) and we have tested the 14W Sunpack panel with Apple devices and they will charge in good conditions.


Technical Details

  • Ultra-rugged design, from Switzerland
  • Compatible with iPad, iPod, iPhone, GPS and smartphones
  • Individual carry case and adapter holder
  • Voltage: 15.0V | Current: 900mA | Open circuit: 23.0V | Short circuit: 1200mA
  • Size : 1500mm long / 350mm wide / 12mm depth
  • Connector: Universal Cigarette Lighter to USB

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