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CamCaddy Camera Battery Charger

CamCaddy Camera Battery ChargerClick to enlarge product image
CamCaddy Camera Battery Charger
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A must-have for the photographer, the CamCaddy Battery Charger will recharge your camera's battery from Mains Power (in more than 130 countries), in-car 12v or by PC/laptop USB connection.

This unique and portable power cradle can recharge virtually every type of removable camera battery including the 3.2v compact digital camera, the 7.2v professional SLR and video camera batteries (3.2v to 7.9v, excluding AA & AAA).

Simple to use:
1. Adjust the spring-loaded variable slider bar to hold the battery steady.
2. Adjust the contact pins.
3. Select the power cable and plug into the in-car 12v, mains power or PC/laptop USB connection. 

There's even a button to test whether the battery is in the correct way round and there are four leds clearly marked that show the battery status as it recharges. 

Please note, only batteries under 5v can be charged from a PC or laptop. 

* Rubberised finish for protection.
* Contents include:
    * Camcaddy – dimensions (mm) 130 x 71 x 30
    * Power/USB cable * 12v Car plug
    * UK Mains plug
    * European Mains Adaptor
    * USA Mains Adaptor
    * Comprehensive Manual 
* Battery position tester
* 4 battery status LEDs 

To go completely off-grid with solar powered photography, you'll need one of our FreeLoader Pro solar camera chargers, which includes the CamCaddy.

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