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Real LED Wax Candle Light with wax dripping sides

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  • 03009LD77
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uthentic real-wax candle

This LUMiLife LED candle is made from real unscented beeswax and features a melted-edge design and a ‘blow-out’ function that adds to its authentic appeal.

It emits a warm, welcoming glow, and the flickering flame inside is perfect for creating a welcoming or romantic atmosphere.

Safe and hassle-free

You can forget about burnt fingers, wax on the tablecloth, smoke and burning smells with this model as it doesn’t melt like traditional burning-flame candles, which also means you’ll get thousands of hours of use.

Blow-out like a real candle

For the traditionalists out there you’ll be happy to hear that you can blow out the flame inside, just as you would a real candle.

Additional information

  • One 5 inch tall pillar candle
  • Made from real unscented beeswax with a melted edge and dripping sides design
  • Individual On/Off switch
  • Move the candle in a fast motion to enable the Shake On/Off feature


Surprise your party guests by actually blowing the light out.  As this is a real light they will think that you can do magic LOL

  • Blow the LED light out as if it was a real burning flame
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
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