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H20 Shower Power Radio

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  • An Inspirational Christmas Present for all budding singers

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A worlds 1st Water Pressure Powered  SHOWER RADIO


H2O™ introduces the world’s first water pressure powered shower radio. This sophisticatedly designed radio can be fitted directly on the nozzle of your shower. By turning on the water, the water flow will power the incorporated turbine generator which generates energy for the clear sound and excellent reception of this radio..


Now you can enjoy music, news, information, whatever you choose while showering – all of this using free energy, yes free energy just the running water will keep your shower radio working and your family will hear nothing but your joyful singing coming from the bathroom.

The H2O™ Shower Radio has a very competent patented turbine generator at the heart of its technology. This coupled with the built-in rechargeable battery, allows energy to be stored as well as playing the radio enabling it to continue to play after the shower is turned off (if required).


The last station and volume level are automatically stored after use ready for your next shower!

Simple to fit – no tools required – can be installed by anyone in a matter of a few minutes.

The H2O™ shower radio is a ground-breaking product which uses the latest technology

of miniature water turbines to create free energy.

Save on batteries and contribute to a better environment by reducing your carbon footprint today

with the H2O™ Shower Radio.

An inspirational Xmas Present for all ages who think they are the next X Factor winner.


Technical details:


FM sensitivity more than 15uV

FM receipt range 87,5 - 108 MHz

Audio Output Power more than 80mW


Output when water pressure at

0.16 Mpa/23PSI/1.6 BAR flux > 260L/hr

Voltage: > 2.4V

Current: > 60 mA

Output when water pressure at

0.20 Mpa/29PSI/2.0 BAR flux > 300L/hr

Voltage: > 2.8V

Current: > 70 mA

Output when water pressure at

0.25 Mpa/36PSI/2.5 BAR flux > 380L/hr

Voltage: > 3.5V

Current: > 80 mA

Size & Weight

Size 131*74.5*42.5 mm

Weight 272 gram 07u

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