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7 in 1 Solar E-Station

7in1 kitClick to enlarge product image
7in1 kit

The 7 in 1 Solar filling station kit is the right toy for the Solar car lover!

With this kit, you create 6 different vehicles such as a racing car, a truck, etc. as well as a solar charging station (tanker).
Young and old experience with this toy at first hand the power of solar energy, so that is also a fun addition to the learning      factor here.
The vehicles drive with either solar or with the capacitor to store energy.
At the gas station the capacitor via solar cell or battery is charged via.

The charging time is 4-25 seconds. Now the vehicle you want is already back for departure.

This is a state-of-the-art solar science kit that teaches children (young and old) the different ways of powering and charging a machine using their inventiveness and imagination.  The kit comes with all the snap together parts that are required to make any of the models.  (Yippee Mum NO GLUE NEEDED), solar panel and accessories.  It is easy to assemble any of the models you wish to make also it is easy to assemble the 2 power charging modes. A full time recharging station provides 2 alternative sources of powering your vehicle.

Your children will enjoy hours of fun by changing the shape of the vehicle into 5 different configurations and drive it both indoors and outdoors.

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