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Appbot Link - The First Ever Smart Home Security Robot - Wi-Fi Controlled

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The world’s first home security robot 

A truly pioneering product, Appbot Link is the first robot with the ability to see, sense, record and even track moving objects. Its Wi-Fi controlled too, so you can send commands from all over the world.   The elite Android/iPhone app that comes with Appbot has 18 functions that all help to make it a crucial household item.  Appbot has a high level of mobility which makes it one of the most convenient pet monitors you'll find. It also comes kitted-out with an intelligent built-in motion sensor that acts as an intruder deterrent to keep your belongings safe while you're away. Plus, you can even see, speak, snap and record via the camera and microphone from wherever in the world you are.

Control from anywhere

Whether you’re in the car, office or out of the country, you can still operate Appbot through a Wi-Fi connection and the exclusive Android/IPhone app.

Your own mobile CCTV system

Away on holiday? No problem, you can trust Appbot to keep an eye on things.

It comes with an intelligent motion sensor feature. Should any unwanted guest walk through the door it’ll light up, take a snapshot and notify you within seconds.

Take videos and photos through Appbot

The full HD 1080p camera and 720p video system gives you a clear view through the eyes of Appbot. Its head can turn round 360°, up and down 120° and you can talk through it via your smart device.

Never run out of battery

When the battery is running low, at the press of a button on your smart device you can send Appbot straight to the charging booth. The best bit is, you can do this from anywhere in the world and it’ll also provide a 360° view as it charges.

Safety night-lighting

To avoid any mishaps, Appbot comes equipped with an LED light for when it’s moving around at night.

·  Control from your smartphone anywhere in the world

·  Record videos, take pics and even talk through Appbot

·  Motion detector function will alert you if an intruder enters your home

·  Use as a pet monitor while you're away

·  Live View & Remote Control

·  Audio Communication

·  Snapshot & Video Recording

·  Use as a pet or baby monitor or home security camera while you're away

Size (mm)

90 x 110 x 55


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