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Add-ons For Solar Panels

Maybe you already have a solar panel and perhaps want to charge other items.

The Digicharger Vario is a lightweight universal battery recharger.  It will charge a wide range of rechargeable batteries (that incorporate Li-Ion and Li-Polymer technology). This also includes the rechargeable battery packs used in digital cameras, camcorders and mobile phones.

It's simple to use. Connect it to the mains or plug in the car cigarette lighter adapter, attach it to the battery and a microprocessor automatically supervises the charging process.

AA Mignon / AAA Micro NiMH/NiCD rechargeable batteries can also be charged with the Digicharger Vario.

- Universal fast charger with Vmax technology
- Dimensions(mm & g): 113 x 67 x 32 when closed,  89g (excl cables)
- 2 LEDs indicating power connection and charging
- For Li-Ion, Li-Po rechargeable batteries 3.6 V/3.7 V, 7.2 V - 7.4
- For and AA and AAA rechargable batteries.
- Charging current: 700 mA with buil-in overcharge protection
- Power supply cable 110 - 240 V
- 12 V car cigarette lighter plug & cable
- 3 years warranty


PLEASE NOTE: This product does not work with the Canon LP-E6


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    EG, Canada

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    Jul 7 2016

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    Sep 13 2012


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